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​Counselling in the area of electrical installations

As counsellors at AR Teknik we offer counselling, supervision, and project management and within the area of electrical installations of any kind. This includes manufacturing and production, and in connection with new buildings, alteration, development, and renovation.

Our knowledge and experience within the area of electric installations, among other, cover: 

  • ​Control panels
  • ​IT-installations
  • ​General electrical installations
  • ​Heavy current installations
  • ​Automation
  • ​Installation of alarm systems
  • ​Solar system-installations
  • ​Documentation for new and existing installations

We always strive towards being flexible and adaptable in our work with electricity. In connection to that, our strength lies in our level organization with responsible co-workers. In addition to that, our co-workers continuously strive towards completing our tasks within the agreed upon premises.

You can contact us by phone (+45) 96 12 76 66. You are also welcome to write to us by e-mail at ar-teknik@ar-teknik.dk.​

​AR Teknik ApS

Nupark 51, 7500 Holstebro​

​Tel: +45 96 12 76 66

Cell.: +45 50 59 16 32


VAT-nr.: 28117329

Sparbank.: 8507 - 2717018