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​Plumbing counselling

​We at AR Teknik ApS offer the following in plumbing in connection with, namely, new buildings, alteration of buildings, development, and renovation.

Our skills in plumbing, among other, cover the following:

  • ​Project management
  • ​General plumbing-installations
  • ​Drainage systems in buildings
  • ​Sewage placed in soil
  • ​Heat pumps
  • ​Heating systems
  • ​Sanitary water
  • ​Steam installations
  • ​Sprinkler systems
  • ​Compressed air
  • ​Gas-installations
  • ​CTS and automation
  • ​Supervision

We always strive towards flexibility and adaptability, when we receive a task counselling in plumbing. We do so by having a level organization, with responsible co-workers. Furthermore, our experienced co-workers always strive towards completing all plumbing projects within the agreed upon timeframe.

You are always welcome to call us on (+45) 96 12 76 66, or to send us an email at ar-teknik@ar-teknik.dk, in order to schedule an appointment, where we can discuss our services and offers in plumbing.​

​AR Teknik ApS

Nupark 51, 7500 Holstebro​

​Tel: +45 96 12 76 66

Cell.: +45 50 59 16 32


VAT-nr.: 28117329

Sparbank.: 8507 - 2717018