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Counselling within ventilation

At AR Teknik we offer counselling and supervision in ventilation as counselling engineers. For example, in regards to general and public construction. This includes new buildings, alteration, development, renovation and upgrades of existing constructions. 

Our knowledge and experience in ventilation, among other, cover: 

  • ​Schools
  • ​Retirement homes
  • ​Process ( industrial kitchens and industrial ventilation)
  • ​Cooling
  • ​Indoors climate
  • ​CTS and automation
  • ​Mechanic and natural ventilation

We strive towards being flexible as well as prepared for a potential shifts in projects. We manage to do so because we have a level organization structure with responsible co-workers. In addition to that, our skilled co-workers are simultaneously working on completing all our tasks within the agreed upon framework.

You can call us on (+45) 96 12 76 66, or send us an email at ar-teknik@ar-teknik.dk, if you would like to hear more about how we can help you in regards to ventilation.​


​AR Teknik ApS

Nupark 51, 7500 Holstebro​

​Tel: +45 96 12 76 66

Cell.: +45 50 59 16 32


VAT-nr.: 28117329

Sparbank.: 8507 - 2717018