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About AR Teknik ApS​

AR Teknik ApS was established on October 1st 2004 on the basis of competencies within consulting in relations to energy, plumbing, ventilation, electricity, automation and constructions.

As a consulting engineer firm, where all our technicians have a craft background, our focus is always on the customer and the task. 

AR Teknik had offices in the development park Nupark in Holstebro 

Our goals

With a competent and professional completion of any task, no matter the size, we strive to:

  • We use our resources in the best possible manner
  • We include the relevant user groups, so that we can focus on the development of a sustainable building program

  • The product must always meet the agreed specifications in relation to aesthetics, function, service and environment

  • Customers must be ensured the product they wanted and paid for, while the agreements must be respected

Our environmental policy

​Our goal is to help reduce the negative environmental impacts that construction is responsible for. Environmental management is therefore an integrated part of all our projects. Environmental friendly construction, common sense and constructional quality belong together.

In addition, the construction project’s environmental impact should be assessed during the span of the project. Therefore, our goal is to search for the best environmental solutions in the early stages of every project.

Our method

​All our drawing work is performed on CAD versions of the professions. Installations on plumbing and ventilation are designed in the 3D CAD program MagiCAD. All the text work is done in the traditional MS Office programs.

AR Teknik strive to be well-known for:

  • flexiablity
  • fast conversion
  • level organization
  • responsible employees
  • performance of tasks within the agreed frames

We can be contacted by phone +45 96 12 76 66 or by email ar-teknik@ar-teknik.dk.

AR Teknik strive to be well-known for:

  • ​level organization
  • responsible employees
  • fast conversion
  • flexibility
  • tasks performed within the framework agreed and within the deadline

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​AR Teknik ApS

Nupark 51, 7500 Holstebro​

​Tel: +45 96 12 76 66

Cell.: +45 50 59 16 32


VAT-nr.: 28117329

Sparbank.: 8507 - 2717018